This TIMELY TABLE is your able assistant, and is offered
as a kindly help in the matter of building your railroad
in the MARLINES way. Track layouts and a
complete line of accessories are here pictured
and described for your convenience in
sufficient variety to make a most
satisfactory railroad layout.

Presented here are scans of a modern reprint of a pre-war (1930s-era) Marx Timely Table promotional catalog. I am unable to find any indication on this item that it is not in the public domain, and I am offering it here as a resource to other collectors and operators of Marx 6" tin trains. (I do not claim ownership or copyright of the Timely Table or the scans thereof.)


The original document was printed on a 17-1/2" x 16-1/2" sheet and folded into ten pages. Each scan is approximately 515x1200 for legibility. It is available as individual pages and as a 2MB zip file.

Page 1 front cover
Page 2 314 caution sign
312 semaphore
608 & 609 electric switches, hand operated
1588 & 1589 remote control electric switches
1585 panel
404 electric block signal
409 twinlight blinker caution crossing signal
Page 3 709 transformer
5008 AET track connector
601 straight track
602 curved track
607 crossover
420 electric circuit breaker
406 railroad crossing signal
Page 4 track layouts
Page 5 track layouts
Page 6 413a switchman's tower
410 searchlight
414 bell signal crossover sign
408 twin light lamp post
605 illuminated bumper
505 bumper
416 floodlight tower
Page 7 317 railroad crossing gate
412 derrick loader
1350 girder bridge
Page 8 390 collapsible steel tunnel
1430 station
2940 illuminated railroad station
Page 9 611 trestle elevators
615 trestle
421 rheostat
316 fence
12 volt accessory bulbs: flat, mazda, round
424 Radio Control Tower with Voice Train Control
Page 10 552 gondola car, 4-wheel
554 coal car, 4-wheel
559 floodlight car, 4-wheel
562d auto car, 4-wheel
Page 11 553 oil car, 4-wheel
555 box car, 4-wheel
561 searchlight car, 4-wheel
563a lumber car, 4-wheel
Page 12 2557 passenger car, 8-wheel
2551 New York Central Tender, 8-wheel
2554 coal car, 8-wheel
2553 oil tank car, 8-wheel
Page 13 2558 observation car, 8-wheel
2552 gondola car, 8-wheel
2555 box car, 8-wheel
2556 caboose, 8-wheel
Page 14 track layouts
Page 15 566 cable car, 4-wheel
556 caboose, 4-wheel
588a observation car, 4-wheel
587 electrically lighted passenger car, 4-wheel
Page 16 550 wrecker car, 4-wheel
557 passenger, 4-wheel
572 airplane car, 4-wheel
588 electrically lighted observation car, 4-wheel
Page 17 2562d auto car, 8-wheel
2550 wrecker car, 8-wheel
2572st car with sparkling tank, 8-wheel
2572g cannon car, 8-wheel
Page 18 2563a lumber car, 8-wheel
2566 cable car, 8-wheel
2572mg car with machine gun, 8-wheel
2552m ammunition car, 8-wheel
Page 19 track layouts
Page 20 597 Marlines locomotive, Commodore Vanderbilt type
551 tender, 4-wheel
701 whistle